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Royal Racks 3U Vent Plate


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Description & Features

One ROY1225 3U Vent Plate.
When constructing an A/V Rack, it is essential to provide sufficient ventilation to ensure the proper performance and life span of your equipment. That’s why we highly recommend using our Royal 1U, 2U, & 3U vent plates. They not only clean up the look of your rack by filling in open space, but they significantly increase the air-flow within the rack. Heat build-up can cause convection cycles which is simply the re-circulating of heated air. This hot air can considerably affect electrical components installed within the rack. So, play it safe and incorporate as much additional venting as possible.

Professional Look
True A/V Professionals know you can’t leave open gaps between equipment on the front side of your rack…So, clean it up with these 16-gauge steel vented plates.

Powder Coated Finish
Like all of our Royal Products, these vent plates have a scratch-resistant black powder coat finish.

    • 3U
    • Durable, scratch-resistant black matte powder-coated finish
    • Vent panels for maximum airflow
    • Also acts as a cover plate
    • Gross Weight: 1.5 lbs
    • Dimensions: 5.25in H x 19in W x 0.47in D)

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