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NstallMates Flaring and Insertion Tool


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Description & Features

NstallMates Flaring and Insertion Tool
Simplify your F connector installs! The NstallMates flaring and insertion tool makes your coax installs easier by allowing the connector to push on quickly and easily. This tool is perfect for cable and satellite installers.

Designed for RG6 and RG59 This tool works great for RG6, Quad RG6, & RG59 F-type connectors.

Great for Cold Weather Situations Have you ever tried to push an F connector onto the end of a cable in cold weather? It’s near impossible and definitely not fun. With this tool you can thread a male F connector into its female F barrel and easily push the connector securely on the end of the cable. The tool’s insertion F barrel allows for a much stronger grip and much more leverage.

Ergonomic Design The three-pronged design creates an extremely comfortable grip that eliminates stress on your hands.

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