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Construct Pro RCA Male Compression Connector for RG6, 75 Ohm (Bag of 5)


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Construct Pro RCA Male Compression Connector for RG6, 75 Ohm (Bag of 5)
Nothing’s better than the combination of professional design and ease of install. Construct Pro’s line of Compression Connectors give you just that—a professional, secure, waterproof connection for coaxial cable. In addition, this line of connectors reduces signal leakage and protects against water migration.

Sturdy Construction
Plated with Nickel, Gold, and Black Nickel, Construct Pro connectors are guaranteed to give you years of unproblematic performance.

Color Bands
This Construct Pro Compression Connector comes with several different color bands for easy identification of individual cables within a bundle of common cables.

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black

Construct Pro
Construct Pro’s line of connectors and adaptors offers the perfect assortment of products that every custom installer needs on hand. Never let an unexpected obstacle keep you from finishing a job! Construct Pro products are here to make your installs quick, easy, and professional.

Resealable Package
All of our connectors and adaptors come in a resealable package to prevent spill-outs and to keep you organized.

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