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Retina Motion Sensor PIR Camera, 420TVL (White)


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Description & Features

Retina Motion Sensor PIR Camera, 420TVL (White)

This Retina Camera is a motion activated or continuous imaging camera that incorporates a Color CCD camera with a PIR motion sensor. It can be used as an accessory to an alarm system or as a stand-alone monitoring device. This PIR camera is an excellent choice for use in covert or hidden camera applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power supplies are not included with cameras. Compatible models can be found here.

Key Features

Features Detailed

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Often times natural light will unevenly light a room or area. As a result, both bright and dark areas exist, making for an unclear view. The WDR remedies this by providing clarity in the dark part of the image without saturation from the bright part.

Automatic White Balance

Accurate color reproduction requires that the camera compensates for the light source's color temperature. Automatic White Balance is a feature that does just that. Perfect for compensating for various outdoor and indoor lighting environments, this camera offers white balance functions that can be tailored to provide superior color reproduction.

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