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Element-Hz 3.5mm (1/8 in.) Mini Stereo to Dual RCA Male, 3M (9.8ft)


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Description & Features

Element-Hz 3.5mm (1/8 in.) Mini Stereo to Dual RCA Male, 3M (9.8ft)

Audiophiles rejoice! Reliable, high quality audio transmission is now available for your listening pleasure. The Element-Hz Mini Stereo to Dual RCA cables deliver clear, unhindered sound at the lowest price you can find. Beyond a great value, this line of cables has ultra-flexible jackets that make wire management that much easier. You’re going to appreciate the installer-friendly details that go into all of our audio cables.


Music Anywhere

Today, you can play music wherever you want. That’s especially true since most of us have an iPod, iPhone, or some kind of MP3 device on us at all times. This Element-Hz cable allows you to play your portable music on any stereo setup that has a standard RCA connection. It sends a stereo feed from the headphone jack of your MP3 player to the left/right audio connection of the stereo system. This cable is going to allow you to play your music on just about any music system no matter where you are.



Stop fighting with those stiff cables. Our super flexible jackets make it a breeze for you to run this cable no matter how tight the space is. Wire management has never been so easy.


A Quality Build

If you were to cut these cables open, you would see that they’re made with bare copper for an uncompromising performance and layers of protective shielding to ward off any outside interference. We think you and your customers will appreciate the exquisite build quality these cables offer.


Ziploc Bags

Ever been on the job and open all your cables up, start to run the cable only to realize you under estimated the cable length? Most cables are packed in standard poly bags, which can no longer be sold as new. We listened to the run-ins you’ve experience in the field. That’s why all of our Element-Hz cables come bagged in Ziploc bags! This simple package alteration allows you to maximize your profits and eliminates the need for B-stock or unwarranted discounts. Simply coil the cable back up and use as new.


Easy to Stock

There are a lot of options when it comes to cables; so we had to find creative ways to make things easy for you while on the job… Our connector ends are not only color coded by length which makes distinguishing the difference between a 2 or 3 meter cable easy, but we’ve also printed the length right on the end of the connector for effortless identification.



You’ll notice how compact the connectors are on this cable once you hook it up in a crowded spot. The low-profile connectors fit just about anywhere.


Gold Finish

Our Element-Hz RCA cables feature gold-plated connectors for optimal signal transmission quality.



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