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Optoma UHD60 DLP 4K Home Entertainment Projector


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Description & Features

Optoma UHD60 DLP 4K Home Entertainment Projector
Impressive 4K cinema is here! Viewers can now enjoy a greater sense of depth and realism with the Optoma UHD60. This DLP 4K Home Entertainment Projector incorporates Ultra HD 4K resolution to bring content to life with detail, color, and contrast that thrill that stuns audiences with immersive technology.

Stylish and designed with High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, the UDH60 also included 2.2 support and an integrated speaker that provides powerful sound. Easy set-up with 300 lumens to brighten images, this projector makes for the most enjoyable big-screen experience in any living space.

4K UHD Resolution
Over eight million pixels of Ultra HD bring four times more detail to the UHD60. Life-like images and richer colors allow viewers to find themselves in a truly immersive experience.

HDR Compatible
This projector is capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data that brings more detail and texture to users for better viewing. More solid life-like objects appear with extra detail that creates a greater sense of depth so audiences feel as if they are looking through a window as opposed to staring at a screen.

SDR to HDR Conversion
It’s never been easier to convert a standard source to HDR. Enhance color detail and contrast is now a simple conversion with this simple feature.

Amazing Colors
Stunning color in any environment! Optoma projectors provide viewers with reliable performance that is capable of reproducing the Rec.709 colour gamut, the international HDTV standard to guarantee cinematic coloring exactly as the director intended. For gaming and animation more saturated colors are added for a punch looking image that brings gaming to new heights.

Vertical Lens Shift
A wider range of projector placement is now available. With Vertical Lens Shift installation is simplified. It makes it easier to position the projector to enable a wider range of screen size options.

Dynamic Black Technology
Depth and imagery with a smooth adjusting lamp output creates a stunning high contrast picture. Crisp, clear scenes are possible thanks to brighter scenes and deep blacks that offer exceptional shade and light.

Ultra Detail
Faithful images representation is the Optoma UHD60’s promise. With UltraDetail, a stunning crystal clear, pin-sharp picture is promised.

Colour Management System (CMS)
Accurate life-life colors are now possible through the Colour Management System (CMS). This unique feature is flexible enough to fine-tune color setting to Rec. 709 standards for optimal precision.

Integrated Speaker
No home entertainment system is complete without a powerful built-in speaker. The Optoma UHD60 provides exceptional sound quality via built-in speakers that are easy to set up.

Now the projector can be turned into a smart display by connecting a smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL. This feature plays games, streams videos, and allows photos to be shared on the big screen.

USB Power
Use the USB-Power to power an HDMI dongle, such as Google Chromecast.

To keep up with modern technology, Optoma projectors now accept high definition sources at 24 fps. This allows films to be displayed exactly as the director intended them.

The gaming mode optimizes your projector for lightning response times, maximum contrast and vivid colors to capture every detail - leaving time to focus on winning. ISF modes allow users to save calibrated day and night modes to ensure the highest viewing experience possible.

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