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NstallMates Golf Ball String 100ft Nylon Sting


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Description & Features

NstallMates NSM1008 Golf Ball with String Wire Fishing Tool Simple to use, this wire fishing tool consists of a golf-ball and 100-feet of strong nylon cord and is ideal for pulling wire across beams or other large spaces. Just throw the ball over a beam, tie on your wire, and pull your wire back. This handy device includes 100ft of sturdy nylon cord, a golf ball with an eye screw and a carrying spool.

Here's How It Works:
This device was designed as an ideal accompaniment to our NSM1007 Nstallmates Snag N Drag Telescoping Pole. Just insert the loop with the golf ball onto the Z-shaped tip of the Snag N Drag and put it up and over the barrier (truss, pipe, etc.). Then free the cord from the tip, reach out with the Snag N Drag and grab right above the ball. Continue this method until the cord is routed where desired. Then you simply fasten your wire bundle or cable to the cord, remove the ball, and bring it back.

  • 100ft Nylon cord
  • One ball with an eye screw
  • One carrying spool

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