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InstallMates Ring Attachment for Flex Fish Rods


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Description & Features

InstallMates Ring Attachment for Flex Fish Rods
As an installer, you need options. Fishing wire is a task that requires both flexibility and stability to meet the demands of the job, and you need tools that are no less flexible. This Ring Attachment is a versatile solution for pushing and pulling wire when using any of the InstallMates Flex Fish Rods or Flex Wire Guider.

Put a Ring On It!
InstallMates Flex Rods are easy to push, but this attachment makes it easy to pull as well! The Ring is attached to a threaded tip and can be either pulled by hand or via a cord, chain, or hook passed through the center of the ring. It can also be utilized as a replacement bullet nose tip if needed, as the ring can be removed from the connector in the same manner as a standard keychain. This feature also makes for convenient storage and transport options; clip it onto a carabiner and keep it on your belt! When it is needed for use, just thread the connector onto your InstallMates Flex Fish Rod or Flex Wire Guider of choice and you’re ready to go.

Threaded Connector
The end of the Ring Attachment is equipped with a threaded connector that is beveled to prevent snagging and hang ups on obstructions. This female connector matches with those on all InstallMates Flex Rods, and provides an easy means to attach the accessory specific to the job’s needs.

The Ultimate Wire Fishing System
InstallMates Flex wire fishing products are not mere individual standalone items, but components of the ultimate wire fishing system – a unique comprehensive method that enables you to solve problems on the field. The UltraFLEX Rods, FirmFLEX Rods, and FirmFLEX Wire Guider, along with the various attachment accessories, are a must have asset for the professional tool arsenal.

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