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InstallMates FirmFLEX Wire Guider w/ Threaded Tips (30 Meters | Yellow)


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Description & Features

InstallMates FirmFLEX Wire Guider w/ Threaded Tips (30 Meters | Yellow)
As an installer, you need options. Fishing wire is a task that requires both flexibility and stability to meet the demands of the job, and you need tools that are no less flexible without sacrificing solidity. The FirmFLEX Wire Guider provides a sturdy length for pushing through resistant locations such as insulation and pre-wired conduits. The firm rod maintains its rigid shape and strength – an invaluable feature for long distances. The FirmFLEX Wire Guider is a bright yellow color to provide optimum visibility.

30 Meter Wire Guider
The FirmFLEX Wire Guider is constructed of the same quality, flexible material as the InstallMates FirmFLEX Fish Rods. In contrast to the other members of the InstallMates Flex Family, the FirmFLEX Wire Guider consists of a single, 30 meter long segment instead of multiple pieces. For even more versatility, use the Wire Guider in conjunction with either (or both) FirmFLEX or UltraFLEX rods (sold separately) – a strong, flexible, and completely customizable solution for the job at hand!

Firm Flexibility
The Wire Guider is crafted of a FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics material that allows for moderate flexibility as well as firm stability. Unlike typical fiberglass rods or fish tape, this material will not splinter even after many uses. This firm but flexible Wire Guider is great for gaining access to wires and cables under floorboards, above ceilings, and wall cavities – especially over long distances.

Threaded Connectors
Both ends of the Wire Guider are equipped with threaded connectors that are beveled to prevent snagging and hang ups on obstructions. These connectors can be used to thread the fish tape to together with other InstallMates Flex rods, or to attach an accessory attachment such as a hook or loop (sold separately) specific to the job’s needs. Also included is a steel leader attachment for even more convenient wire pushing and pulling.

Vision Friendly
The InstallMates FirmFLEX Wire Guider is bright yellow in color and is easy to spot even in dark locations (a great alternative to the old and conventional metal fish tape).

Portable Storage
The Wire Guider is packaged in a circular, PVC carry case for easy and organized transport to and from the job site as well as speedy feeding and retrieval.

The Ultimate Wire Fishing System
InstallMates Flex wire fishing products are not mere individual standalone items, but components of the ultimate wire fishing system – a unique comprehensive method that enables you to solve problems on the field. The UltraFLEX Rods, FirmFLEX Rods, and FirmFLEX Fish Tape, along with the various attachment accessories, are a must have asset for the professional tool arsenal.

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