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Construct Pro™ Speedy’Z™ Spring-Lock 2” Cable Pass Through Port (White | Each)


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Description & Features

Construct Pro™ Speedy’Z™ Spring-Lock 2” Cable Pass Through Port (White | Each)
All of the benefits of standard cable ports with very little of the work (and none of the commitment). The Speedy’Z™ is a cable port pass through with a flexible grommet, and spring locks that hold the port in place. It’s so easy to install – all you’ll need is a hole saw. You might want to stock up; the Speedy’Z™ just might replace all of your other in-wall cable solutions!

In the past, to install a cable pass through you would need (at minimum): a wall plate, and port insert, a hole saw, a screwdriver, and the hardware to secure everything. Now, all you need is the Speedy’Z™ and a hole saw. The Speedy’Z™ is incredibly versatile and ideal for wall mounted televisions, box speakers, sound bars, and wireless access devices mounted in ceilings. Get the clean look you want, with all the speed you need!

Speedy Installation
True to its name, the Speedy’Z™ is incredibly easy and speedy to install. Simply cut a 2.5” (64mm) diameter hole with a hole saw, then fold down the spring locks and insert the port. Once in place, the spring locks will automatically release and the port will be held securely in place. If needed, the port can also be removed by disengaging the spring locks.

The Speedy’Z™ design features an ulte low-profile with a sturdy frame as well as a flexible rubber grommet. The grommet’s inner diameter of 2” to accommodate bulk cables and allow for easy and speedy cable passage through walls. This grommet conforms to the cables, effectively prevents any dust or debris from entering through the hole, and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. To top it all off, the Speedy’Z™ is paintable!

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