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Construct Pro RCA to RCA Keystone Jack w/ 8 Color Bands (Lt Almond)


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Description & Features

Construct Pro RCA to RCA Keystone Jack w/ 8 Color Bands (Lt Almond)

Give your installs a professional finish with this RCA to RCA insert. Our RCA insert is fast and simple to install. Versatility is the key as it gives you the ability to organize all of your audio and video connections very cleanly. This insert is available in 8 different color bands!

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Purple, Orange

Construct Pro

You are the artist, and the house is your canvas! However, even a great artist needs the right materials. Construct Pro is an elegant line of wall plates that will add style and personality to any room while fitting into your customer’s home décor. Engineered using strong UL Listed ABS plastic and shaded with a cool, sexy tempo, these plates are absolutely perfect for modern day home design.


Construct Pro is dedicated to looks, style, and ease of installation. In order to simplify operations these plates and inserts are compatible with numerous manufacturers. Simply call us for compatibility details.


Whether you’re twisting f-fittings onto Construct Pro’s coaxial plates or snapping in category connectors, you’ll find that we’ve equipped this line with the finest components to ensure a strong reliable signal every time.


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