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B.E.S. FiberFish Repair Kit for 3/16” Rods


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Description & Features

B.E.S. FiberFish Repair Kit for 3/16” Rods
Uh oh! Accidents happen, but there’s no need to sweat it. This kit is just what you need to repair a FiberFish rod that has been damaged while on the job. The Repair Kit for 3/16” Rods kit is designed to fix broken tips of FiberFish wire pulling rods. The kit includes: (1) female end, (1) male end, and 2-part epoxy glue. Simply replace the tip and glue it in place!

Fiberfish Rods
Both ends of FiberFish rods are tipped with a threaded male end and threaded female end, respectively. FiberFish rods are constructed with durable, zinc-plated, rustproof, machined steel end fittings. Stiff enough for drop ceilings and flexible enough for insulated walls, these rods are perfect for a wide range of installation situations and challenges.

BES Manufacturing's tools are designed to make difficult installations easy, and impossible installations possible. They design their products for the purpose of saving installers time, and therefore, money. From the beginning, their goals have been to manufacture quality tools and provide superior customer support.the soldering tip for effective and accurate soldering. Make sure your kit is never depleted with the Colibri Butane Refill!

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