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Winegard HD-7698P Antenna, 75 ohm, 64 elements


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Description & Features

Winegard HD-7698P (UHF/VHF). The HD-769 Series has been specifically tuned for channels 7-69. With the Digital Transition in February 2009, the majority of markets will have at least one high band VHF channel. This antenna features 75 ohm downlead connection, is optimized for Channels 7-69, and is narrower than the Platinum series (53.5in wide vs. 110in).
  • Active Elements: 64
  • UHF Elements: 35
  • VHF Elements: 29
  • Boom Length: 168.25in
  • Turning Radius: 101in
  • Maximum Width: 53.5in
  • Vertical Height:33in
  • Element Diameter: 3/8in
  • Range: 0-60 miles UHF/0-70 miles VHF
  • Output Impedance: 75ohm
  • Recommended Preamp: AP Series
  • Carton Dimensions: 6.5in x 7.75in x 99.5in
  • Gross Weight: 17 lbs
    (NOTE: Exact mileage depends on many variables, such as transmitter power and height, coverage pattern of broadcast station, antenna size and height, terrain, etc. Additionally, installing an antenna in an attic can reduce your signal by at least 50%.)

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