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SAL202 Sling-A-Line span cast


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Description & Features

LSD1048 Sling-A-Line Span Caster


The Sling-A-Line has a beautiful birch wood yoke with 10 lb. test fish line to accommodate most wire pulls. Simply depress the caster reel, pull back the surgical tubing strap with the lead weight and shoot. The sling-shot action allows you to vary your range from 10ft. to over 100ft.

Attach your wire or a pull cord and reel it back to you.




1)       Remove tile from false ceiling: aim the yoke of the Sling-A-Line holding it HORIZONTALLY. Push the button on the reel to release the line, put the weight in the leather sling and shoot.

2)       At the other end, attach your wire to a length of pull cord, tie the pull cord to the lead weight and reel it back.

3)       In areas where cable cannot be resting on the ceiling tiles, attach approved hanger above the drop ceiling to receive your cable.


NOTE: Do not remove the ceiling tile in the area you are shooting towards. The weight could drop through the opening and cause injury or property damage. If the line gets tangled over any object, pull the line very slowly with your hand to allow the weight to unravel itself.

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