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Royal Racks 21U Door for ROY2214


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Description & Features

Royal Racks 21U Metal Rack Door with Removable Mesh Insert (Black)

Preventing meddlers from tampering with your expensive equipment hasn’t always been easy…until now! Introducing our new Royal Rack Doors! The vented mesh front offers a professional look while providing steady airflow within your rack.


Quicker Than A Snap!

Our rack doors are engineered with a unique installation feature we like to call “Quicker Than A Snap!” Most rack doors on the market install with screws and hinges which, without a second person helping, can be a hassle and take forever…but not ours! With the installer in mind, we’ve created our door with a spring loaded tab system which secures the door in place. This awesome attribute gives you the ability to install or remove our door within milliseconds.


Face Off

In the rare case you’ve got a custom face plate for your rack, we’ve designed our rack door so the face plate is replaceable. So, go on...make your next rack install custom to the extreme!


Air Flow

When it comes to rack installation, proper ventilation is always a priority. That’s why the face plate of our door is mesh-style, which provides essential air flow within your cabinet keeping your equipment cool.


Lock Stock And 2 Extra Keys

Doors just wouldn’t have the same effect if you weren’t able to lock them. So, naturally our rack doors are equipped with a set of keys and an industrial keyhole locking.



Kick It In Reverse

Weather you’re looking for a right or left swing, we’ve got you covered. Our universal rack door can be installed on either side. Also, with our “Quicker Than A Snap!” feature you can remove it from the left side and move it the right side extremely fast and easy.


We’ve Got Your Back!

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