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NstallMates Pocket Cable Toner


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Description & Features

NstallMates Pocket Cable Toner

Let’s face it, not every cable run is going to be perfect. Sometimes there are opens or shorts. The NstallMates Pocket Cable Toner is an easy-to-use tool for testing your coax cable runs. This clever little device lets you check for your cables’ continuity as well as for short or open circuits. The push-on connector sits at a right angle making it a breeze to use!


Watch Your Tone!

Testing a cable is fast and easy. Simply plug the sender into a wall jack in a room. Back at the location where the cables meet, connect one cable at a time to the device until you hear the tone… This means you’ve found your cable!


All the Small Things

Everything counts, even on a tool as small as this. It’s made of a rugged anodized aluminum body and will withstand just about any daily wear. It features an LED that indicates any DC shorts. And, it features a pocket clip-on for easy carrying on site.


Uses AAA Battery

Unlike those other pocket toners that use special, hard-to-find batteries, our Pocket Cable Toner is powered by a single AAA battery. So, when the battery runs out, you’ll have no problem running to the store to find another.


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