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NstallMates Multi-Size Hole Cutter w/ Dust Bowl


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Description & Features

NstallMates Multi-Size Hole Cutter w/ Dust Bowl

Did you make a mess during your last in-ceiling speaker installation? Cutting holes in drywall makes dust go everywhere! The NstallMates Dust Bowl Hole Cutter is a great solution for this everyday problem. It has adjustable-radius blades to cut various sized holes and a handy plastic bowl to catch the mess. This is one of those must-have tools for every installer! It’s guaranteed to make your speaker installations easier.


Up to 10-¼”” Diameter

This blades cutting diameter is freely adjustable from 1-¼” to 10-¼”. This gives you ultimate versatility in your cuts replacing several hole saws that still won’t give you the precise cutting of this tool.


High-Speed Steel Blade

This blade will most likely be your go-to blade. It cuts sheetrock, plywood, and acrylic with ease.


Tungsten Blade

You might need to cut through a thin piece of metal but you don’t want to have to switch tools. Simply attach the tungsten carbide tipped blade to cut metal up to 3/64” thick.


Tools Included

This hole cutter comes with an array of tools and components. It includes blades, drill bit, hex wrench, spanner wrench, and dust bowl, all in a handy carrying case.


Compression Spring

Located on the tool’s main shaft, the compression spring absorbs vibrations while cutting. This leaves you with a clean and steady cut.


Large Dust-Catching Bowl

What makes this tool so valuable is the large bowl that catches all the drywall dust. It’s a transparent, impact-resistant bowl that prevents chips from flying into your eyes and making a mess while cutting.


Power Drill (Not Included)

This hole cutter simply hooks up to any variable speed drill.


*Tech Tip

The uses for this tool are limitless. Its ability to adjust from 1-¼” to 10-¼” makes this tool incredibly valuable for many applications. It’s great for cutting fiberglass for marine speakers, cutting holes in cabinets for Cool Components fans, and much more! With all of its capabilities, this tool allows you to think outside the box.

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