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iON Security Plunger Wireless Door Sensor


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Description & Features

iON Security Plunger Wireless Door Sensor
A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of a room, door or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, the Ion Security Plunger is a door security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.
  • Aesthetic — Fully concealed wireless sensor
  • Simple to specify — Compatible with current GE, HAI, and 2GIG Wireless receivers
  • Easy to install — Required tools: a drill, a 3/4 inch Forstner bit, and a 1/4 inch wood bit (for antenna insertion)
  • Composition — Micro-processor, Micro-transmitter, Lithium Battery, Optimized Antenna for superior zone signal
  • Long-life Battery — 5+ years (average rating)
How It Works
A captive magnet within the Plunger activates a reed switch when the plunger is depressed.

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