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FEK1 Fish-eze attic kit


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Description & Features

LSD1044 Fish-Eze Attic Wire Fishing Kit The Fish-Eze kit is designed for installing wires through headers (door or window) and up into attics in a fast and efficient way. This tool eliminates the most difficult step of fishing wire through these structures by using a unique combination of tubes and spring wire to push through the header. The memory coiled wire will coil into the attic, eliminating the need to support the wire from below. This eliminates the need for a second installer performing this function as you retrieve your wire in the attic. Kit Includes: - A 24” small diameter (less than ¼”) stainless steel tube (for 8 ft. ceilings) - A 36” small diamerer (less than ¼”) stainless steel tube (for 9 ft. ceilings) - A 12ft. memory coiled wire with eyelets at both ends. - Convenient storage for wire and tubes are included.

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