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ELAN® High Output IR Emitter


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Description & Features


· ƒ Unique wand-shaped “blaster” can control an entire stack of components

· ƒ 2 high-output emitters for full spectrum IR control

· ƒ Installer-adjustable for perfect shelf overhang positioning

· ƒ Adhesive-backed for easy mounting

· ƒ Full-color retail box standard

The IRE3 allows control of multiple A/V components with a single Emitter. This adjustable 3-inch wand contains two high-output IR Emitters that operate at different frequencies of the IR spectrum, ensuring reliable control of a wide range of A/V components.

ELAN offers a wide variety of IR Emitters for every application and all are designed for the reliable transmission of any infrared signal. Each single- or dual-head Emitter comes with a unique docking module that stays in place on the IR window while allowing for the easy removal of the Emitter when rearranging or servicing A/V components. The docking module’s larger surface area also provides better adhesion to component IR windows.

The Emitters’ IR-transparent housing allows infrared from hand-held remotes to pass through to the component, allowing for in-room, as well as system control of every source. All ELAN IR Emitters have eight-foot leads with a standard 3.5mm mono “mini” plug. Certain models include an IR blocking shield that prevents stray IR commands directed at other sources from interfering with source control.

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