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Arlington Power/Low Voltage Box for Versatile Home Theater Installations, 4-Gang (White)


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Description & Features

Arlington Power/Low Voltage Box for Versatile Home Theater Installations, 4-Gang (White)
Mount a flat screen TV flat against the wall the way it should be with this versatile TV box by Arlington. It is great for running power and low voltage connections behind the TV. This box is perfect for the professional installation, leaving the home entertainment area clean and organized. Its 8” x 10” size fits perfectly between the studs with no issues.

Perfect for Your Home Theater Install
TVB810 is ideal for home theater systems where multiple connections are needed for sound systems, satellite TV, cable TV, DVRs, and more.

Blend Right In
If you don’t like the white color of the box, fair enough, just paint over it. Arlington features a plastic that is easily paintable. The box will likely sit behind the television but it never hurts to have options.

Convenient Brackets
Designed to keep this box clean and organized are the installed brackets inside of the box. Wrap the cable around the bracket to keep it out of the way of other cables.

Superior Versatility
There's a ton of room in the box for wires unlike other recessed boxes on the market. It can install horizontally or vertically for added versatility. The box uses standard size plates, Arlington’s SCOOP series gang plates and is even equipped with blank cover plates if needed.

Arlington has been a leading manufacturer of quality electrical products and fittings since its founding in 1949. The company manufactures products that meet or exceed the changing needs of electrical distributors and contractors, with the vast majority produced in America.

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