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Arlington Model TVBR2505K TV Bridge™ Power Kit


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Description & Features

Model TVBR2505K TV Bridge includes two recessed power/low voltage combo boxes and all the connections you need to install a flat screen TV in an existing wall. No need to run cable from a panel box or cut holes in your framing members. Just cut two holes in the wall and access power from an existing nearby source. All wires stay hidden behind the wall. Plugs stay inside the electrical box and don't protrude past the wall. Mounting wings hold boxes securely against the wall when screws are tightened. Paintable trim plate.
  • (2) Recessed boxes with trim plates and installed NM cable connectors
  • (2) Duplex covers
  • Wire nuts
  • Tamper-resistant duplex receptacle
  • Installation screws
  • LPCG50W cord grip
  • 4-foot cord
  • KD4550 and The SCOOP (2) CED1 entrance hoods
  • (2) CED3 cable entry devices.
  • NOTE: This product is not designed to be an extension of a structure's hard wiring
  • NOTE: Components are not energized until the flexible cord is plugged in. Do not plug in until all other wiring is complete.
  • Gross Weight: 2.3 lbs

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