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ACT 14” Heavy Duty Cable Ties, 100 pack (Black)


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Description & Features

ACT 14” Heavy Duty Cable (120lb) Ties, 100 pack (Black)
You’re a professional and your installs need a clean and professional finish. This means you need a way to keep those loose and dangling wires in order. You can’t use electrical tape; it’s unprofessional looking and makes for a hassle on later service calls. The answer, of course, is ACT’s Heavy Duty Cable Ties. These cable ties have an impressive tensile strength of 120 lbs! That’s twice the holding strength of standard cable ties.

Cable Ties on Steroids!
ACT's Heavy Duty Cable Ties measure 0.3" wide and hold up to a maximum weight of 120 lbs. UL Recognized, ROHS Compliant, and Approved for CSA and Military Specifications (except Heat Stabilized Black ties), these fasteners are safe to use in both commercial and residential applications that need a bundle diameter anywhere between 2" and 11".With 120 lb. heavy duty strength, these zip ties are perfect for industrial use at a construction site or other commercial applications needing large wires and cables.

These cable ties are manufactured from filtered nylon which reduces particle contamination. Their pure material make-up allows for very high tensile strength. In addition, the advanced pawl design and tough teeth make for a super-strong hold.

Act’s ties install in a flash. In fact, the ties’ low insertion and pull-through force will leave you surprised with how quickly you can tie big wire bundles together.

The rounded edges provide added safety and eliminate insulation damage. The angled tail provides quicker initial insertion alignment and tall finger grips allow easier handling and tightening.

Enhanced Flexibility & Strength
Sometimes your installs can be risky. Anytime you’re 15 feet high on a ladder you’re at risk. That’s why you need ties that aren’t going to make you lose your balance because they snapped mid-pull. The ACT wire ties are made with enhanced flexibility and strength, guaranteeing you a safe and easy install.

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