CATV Video Module

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CATV Video Module

This module is designed to amplify CATV signal plus two modulated sources and distributes all channels to eight different locations. It features bi-directional traffic with a 5-42MHz return path.


CATV Input: 47-806Mhz Gain: 3dB
Modulator input: 5-30Mhz insert loss: -14dB
Modulator input to TV output isolation >35dB
Tv output to TV output isolation >30dB
Power: 15vdc/300ma

Module Installation:

1.) Place the module into the wiring enclosure.
2.) Position the module so that the tabs and hooks slip into the slots.
3.) Push black latch tabs into box to lock module.


1.) Connect the incoming CATV line to the port labled "CATV Input".
2.) Connect the first desired modulated source (such as DVD, VCR or satellite) to the port labled "1st Modulated Source".
3.) Connect the second desired modulated source (such as security camera) to the port labled "2nd Modulated Source".
4.) Connect the RG-6 Coaxial Cables from each destination to the "To TV outlets" ports labled 1 thru 8.
5.) Connect AC/DC Power Adapter (included).