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Xantech™ SLLC1 Speaker Level to Line Level Converter


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Description & Features

Xantech™ SLLC1 Speaker Level to Line Level Converter
The SLLC1 Speaker Level to Line Level Converter is a simple device that allows the Xantech™ MRC44CTL or MRAUDIO4X4CTL to be used with an auxiliary amplifier. The benefit of using an auxiliary amplifier is that it allows the multi-room system to expand in areas such as indoor pools, large outdoor areas, or even long hallways.

How it Works
The SLLC1 is connected to the amplifier (zone audio) output on the multi-room system. The SLLC1 then converts the amplifier output signal to a line-level output signal. The line-level output signal can now be connected to the pre-amplifier input on an auxiliary amplifier. The converter has a 4-Pin screw terminal connector and requires 3 feet of speaker wire (size 12AWG or 14AWG), and stereo RCA cables (sold separately). For optimal performance, cable should not exceed 6 feet.

Line Conversion
The SLLC1 features a 1:11 signal amplitude conversion ratio for great performance. This converter is designed to take a 25 Watt system and convert the speaker output to a typical line level signal and should not be connected to a speaker output that can provide greater than 35 Watts per channel output.

Simple Mount
Easily mount the SLLC1 to the desired location via the mounting flanges. No double sided tape is needed! Also, no power supply is required for this passive unit, which only simplifying the installation further!

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