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TerMight Series 1in x 32in Spade Bit


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Description & Features

TerMight Extra Long Spade Bits are great when you need to bore smooth, clean, perfectly defined holes in chipboard and floor board. Available in 16in and 32in lengths, these convenient sizes make it easy to drill deep holes without adding an extension shaft. Manufactured from high carbon steel with hex head shanks, these bits are made to fit in any quick change adapter, which makes switching bits…well…quick! TerMight bits are just as good as the bits from the Hardware Store…just a fraction of the cost.

What makes these bits so great?

1.Packaging: All of our long spade bits come packed in a PVC bag within an outer protective black tube, making it convenient to carry through a customer's home and keeping your bit in tip top shape.

2.Wire Retrieval: Ever wonder why most drill bit companies charge extra for wire retrieval holes at the end of their drill bits…well so did we! That’s why all our TerMight bits offer a small hole at the tip of our drill bits for retrieving the wire at no extra cost.

3.Quality & Price Guaranteed: We know our TerMight bits have equal to or better quality than the hardware stores offer, but we realize that our extremely low price might leave you skeptical…so we make your purchase worry free! If your bits some how break or you're not satisfied with these bits within 30 days we’ll refund your money or replace the bit.

4.Economical: These bits are sold individually in multiple diameters for your specific needs…

  • Size: 1" x 32"

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