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TOGGLER SnapSkru Self-Drilling Anchor, MINI (Box of 50 / Anchors only)


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Description & Features

TOGGLER SnapSkru Self-Drilling Anchor, MINI (Box of 50 / Anchors only)

Everyone loves self-drilling drywall anchors – you don't need a drill to install them and they go in quickly and easily. TOGGLER’s SnapSkru anchors are the only ones, however, that lock symmetrically on the wall and ceiling for truly secure fastening! Every time you tug on a toilet tissue holder or a towel bar or a window blind, the other self-drilling anchors come out as quickly as they went in, because nothing prevents their sharp threads from cutting back through the drywall as the anchor is rocked in the wall.

How it Works

When activated with a screw, the SnapSkru anchor opens with an audible "pop", locking the anchor on the wall. The drywall gypsum and its paper are kept in compression and thereby immediately reinforced, providing much greater holding power than the other self-drilling anchors that are just a small screw in a large screw. And, the SnapSkru anchor's built-in positive stop resists over-drilling!


TOGGLER’s SnapSkru anchors can be used with almost any material, including: drywall, gypsum board, plasterboard and wallboard. It’s perfect for projects that include mounting shelves, bathroom accessories, draperies, mirrors, etc. This particular anchor includes combo-head screws.

Installation Instructions

  1. Press tip of SnapSkru anchor into drywall using #2 Phillips screwdriver or screw gun. Drive anchor clockwise into drywall until anchor stops flush with wall
  2. Place item over anchor and insert screw.
  3. Tighten screw flush with item. Use screw with minimum thread length = thickness of item + 1-1/4" (32mm). Maximum item thickness with 1-1/2" long screw: 3/4". For thicker items, use a longer screw.

Perfect for Flat Panels

In case you were wondering if TOGGLER’s anchors, lags, and screws are suitable for mounting flat panel displays, you can stop wondering and rest assured that they do. In fact, we highly suggest that you use TOGGLER hardware for its reliability. So, whether you’re mounting a TV above your fireplace on a brick wall, or even on just drywall, TOGGLER has you covered. Their anchors, lags, and screws are ideal for any masonry and/or hollow wall install.


Since its inception in 1968, TOGGLER Anchor Systems has continued to invent, manufacture, and sell only TOGGLER BRAND Anchors, the highest quality, and best-performing anchors on the market. All are designed to solve real problems on the job site, and, at home. Their high-strength, multi-functional TOGGLER High-Performance Anchors provide fast, easy, and secure fastening in almost all applications and substrates – from light- to heavy-duty. They are the only American anchor manufacturer that makes all of its anchors in the USA.

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