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TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE Heavy-Duty Anchor, 2 – 9-1/2 Inch Grip Range (Box of 50)


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Description & Features

TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE Heavy-Duty Anchor, 2 – 9-1/2 Inch Grip Range (Box of 50)
This revolutionary anchor can turn a two-person job into a one-man install. The TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE is superior to conventional toggle bolts, such as wing toggles or gravity toggles, in more ways than one. The strong plastic straps work in the thickest base materials and will not break prematurely like other plastic straps. The straps snap off flush with the wall every time, assuring precise alignment. In addition, the metal channel pushes aside insulation. This anchor puts the strongest toggle bolt in the smallest hole, and allows for removal of bolt or fixture without the anchor falling behind wall. This anchor is strong; it won’t damage or break through the wall even when vibrated!

TOGGLER’s SNAPTOGGLE anchors can be used with almost any material, including: hollow masonry, and wallboard/drywall. It's easy to use – you pre-install it without a bolt. It's accurate – the rugged pre-installation mechanism centers the metal channel in a small hole, before bolt insertion. and the bolt won't sag. It's quick – it can be used with a screw gun, and the anchor won't spin in the hole. Use a 1/4" x 20 bolt (our SKY5058) with this anchor.

Installation Instructions
1.) Drill appropriate sized hole. Hold the metal channel flat alongside plastic straps and slide the channel through the hole.
2.) Hold the ends of the straps together between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests behind the wall. Ratchet cap along straps with your other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall.
3.) Place your thumb between the straps at the wall. Push your thumb side to side, snapping off the straps level with the flange of the cap.
4.) Place item over flange. Insert bolt and tighten until snug against item, then stop. Use a machine screw or bolt to thread in the metal channel.

Perfect for Flat Panels
In case you were wondering if TOGGLER’s anchors, lags, and screws are suitable for mounting flat panel displays, you can stop wondering and rest assured that they do. In fact, we highly suggest that you use TOGGLER hardware for its reliability. So, whether you’re mounting a TV above your fireplace on a brick wall, or even on just drywall, TOGGLER has you covered. Their anchors, lags, and screws are ideal for any masonry and/or hollow wall install.

Since its inception in 1968, TOGGLER Anchor Systems has continued to invent, manufacture, and sell only TOGGLER BRAND Anchors, the highest quality, and best-performing anchors on the market. All are designed to solve real problems on the job site, and, at home. Their high-strength, multi-functional TOGGLER High-Performance Anchors provide fast, easy, and secure fastening in almost all applications and substrates – from light- to heavy-duty. They are the only American anchor manufacturer that makes all of its anchors in the USA.

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