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TOGGLER Drive Nail Anchor, 1/4 x 1-1/2 Inch (Box of 100)


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Description & Features

TOGGLER Drive Nail Anchor, 1/4 x 1-1/2 Inch (Box of 100)

There isn’t a surface or wall out there that TOGGLER Anchors can’t handle. That’s why you need to do yourself a favor and fill up your tool box with these Drive Nail Anchors from TOGGLER. These anchors are easy to install, tamper-proof, and can be used in concrete, block, brick or stone. So, whether you’re hanging a heavy picture, or installing some new shelving, these drive nail anchors are a must have for the modern installer.


TOGGLER’s drive nail anchors are constructed with carbon die cast zamac alloy and steel. They can be used with almost any material, including: normal weight concrete, lightweight concrete, hollow masonry. and solid masonry. This particular anchor has a Mushroom style head.

Installation Instructions

  1. Drill hole in masonry or concrete through mounting holes in fixture same diameter as anchor to be used. In wood and other soft material to be fastened, drill through the fixture and directly into the masonry. (Drill hole 1/4" deeper than the calculated embedment depth.) Clean the hole using compressed air and a nylon brush. A clean hole is necessary for proper performance.
  2. Insert anchor assembly through mounting holes in fixture and into anchor hole.
  3. Tap gently until the head of the anchor body is set tightly against the item to be fastened. Gently hammer the pin flush to expand the body. Do not over-drive the pin into the body as this could damage the anchor.

Perfect for Flat Panels

In case you were wondering if TOGGLER’s anchors, lags, and screws are suitable for mounting flat panel displays, you can stop wondering and rest assured that they do. In fact, we highly suggest that you use TOGGLER hardware for its reliability. So, whether you’re mounting a TV above your fireplace on a brick wall, or even on just drywall, TOGGLER has you covered. Their anchors, lags, and screws are ideal for any masonry and/or hollow wall install.


Since its inception in 1968, TOGGLER Anchor Systems has continued to invent, manufacture, and sell only TOGGLER BRAND Anchors, the highest quality, and best-performing anchors on the market. All are designed to solve real problems on the job site, and, at home. Their high-strength, multi-functional TOGGLER High-Performance Anchors provide fast, easy, and secure fastening in almost all applications and substrates – from light- to heavy-duty. They are the only American anchor manufacturer that makes all of its anchors in the USA.

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