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SweetHome™ Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot® (Black)


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Description & Features

SweetHome™ Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot® (Black)
Everyone deserves a Home SweetHome™, and now Alexa has one too. Designed specifically for use with the Amazon Echo Dot, this simple but sleek wall mount allows you to tuck away your smart home assistant into a snug alcove all her own. Elevate your Echo Dot above countertop level to make it easier than ever to clearly hear Alexa (and for Alexa to hear you).

Alexa Aloft!
Most owners tend to place their Echo Dots on flat surfaces, because, what else are you to do? Reclaim your counter space by relocating the unit to unused wall space anywhere around your home. Whether in the corner of the living room near the sofa, in the master bath near the shower, or in the kitchen where that old landline phone used to be, it’s up to you to choose! Now you’ll have all the power of convenient smart home voice-control without worrying that the kids could spill their drink over Alexa.

Easy to Install
A simple screw is all that’s needed to secure the mount to the wall, whether into a stud or drywall; it’s easier than hanging a picture! And because it was crafted exclusively for the Amazon Echo Dot, the mount perfectly cradles the Dot without inhibiting use of the buttons or access to the power cord. Go ahead, pick a wall, and you’ll soon be enjoying clearer and simpler control of your compatible smart home Amazon-connected devices.

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