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SuperBuddy 29 combo 21/29 volt for SWM/Wildblue


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Description & Features

The SuperBuddy 29 combo has all the features of the SuperBuddy satellite meter, PLUS an internal 21 volt module that allows it to power the new DIRECTV SWM LNBs and an internal 29 volt module that allows it to power the WildBlue TRIAs. Other features include:Positive ID with ID scan, Geo-sensitive “field guide”, Zip code lookup, Easy operation, Field replaceable connectors, Large back-lit graphic LCD, Audible tone for signal lock and peak, power to LNBs, including the new DIRECTV SWM LNBF models and WildBlue TRIA.
  • Frequency range: 950-2150MHz
  • Turning resolution: Individual Transponders
  • Signal Level Range: -70 to -10 dBm
  • Level Accuracy: ±2dB typical, 3dB max
  • Impedance: 75 ohm
  • Signal lock formats: DSS, DVB-S, Digicipher2, 8PSK Turbo (CCM and ACM)
  • LNB power: 13 VCD for V/R and 18VDC for H/L; 21 VDC for DIRECTV SWM LNBs; 29 VDC for WildBlue/Telesat/Xplornet
  • Switch control: 22kHz, DiSEqC, DISH Legacy
  • Battery: Rechargeable NiMH 7.2V, 3.0Ah
  • Run time/charge: 3 hrs for a single LNB
  • Universal AC charger: 100 to240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, fast charge and then trickle
  • Computer Interface: USB
  • RF Connector: Double-F barrel field replaceable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Cordura protective flap
  • AC line cord
  • Vehicle charge cord
  • USB Download cable
  • Power passing splitter
  • Operation Manual
  • Training video

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