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SpeakerCraft AMPX67250 Bass Power 250 Mono Class A/B Subwoofer Amplifier for Cinema Sub 10 & 12 Amps


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Description & Features

SpeakerCraft AMPX67250 Bass Power 250 Mono Class A/B Subwoofer Amplifier for Cinema Sub 10 & 12 Amps
Great bass is still an integral part of any music and theater system. From the rumblings of a distant thunderstorm to the in-your-face percussive attack of a kick drum, deep, resonant bass is responsible for much of the emotional impact of any audio system. Since the volume of air movement needed to create this effect is substantial, subwoofers with dedicated enclosures and amplification have become a necessary component in all high-performance systems. This Class A/B Mono Subwoofer Amplifier is perfect for use with all SpeakerCraft architectural and landscape subwoofers.

Bass Power!
Built to deliver reliable SpeakerCraft performance! True to its name, the Bass Power 250 pumps out 250 Watts of amazing power, providing huge electrical torque to move and control the SpeakerCraft subwoofer family. Bass Boost Control allows you to increase bass response between 50 and 100Hz for certain types of audio that lacks in bass, such as old recordings, etc.

Volume Control
The AMPX67250 features a Front Panel Volume Control with independent rear panel Volume Limit Control for system integration. Use this to match the output level of the subwoofer to that of the main speakers in the system for the optimum sound experience.

Auto Sense Power On & Multiple Inputs
The Amplifier is automatically turned on and off by sensing audio signals coming from the receiver or preamp through the input connections. The Active LED on the front of the amplifier will be lit red until an audio signal is sensed. At the moment that an audio signal is sensed on either the Left or Right, line level or speaker level inputs, or the LFE input, the amplifier will then turn on and the Active LED will turn green. Once the audio signal stops, the amplifier will wait five minutes before turning off.

Protection Circuitry
This SpeakerCraft amplifier is crafted with exceptional technology to protect the user’s “sound” investment. In the case that a fault in the wiring is detected (whether in the amplifier or speaker), or if the amplifier is in danger of overheating, the Protection Circuit will be activated. This circuitry automatically turns off the amplifier to prevent damage to any of the equipment. As indication, the Active LED will turn red. Once the potentially dangerous situation passes, the Active LED will turn green again and the amplifier will return to “Active” without any intervention necessary.

Rear Panel Controls
The following controls allow you to blend the sound wave output of the Bass Power to the output of the main speakers in your system. The switch marked “Power” on the rear panel of the amplifier will turn off all amplifier circuitry including Auto Sense circuitry – at the touch of a single button.

Low Frequency (Low Pass) Crossover
Use Low Frequency Crossover control to adjust the upper frequency limit of the Bass Power. The purpose is to control the overlap of the Bass Power’s upper frequencies and the main speaker’s lower frequencies. If adjusted well, this allows seamless blending of the subwoofer with the speakers.

Phase Control
Phase Control allows you to match the arrival times of the sound waves of the Bass Power and the main speakers to your listening area. While the system is playing, flip the switch to the 180º and back to 0º until the bass sounds louder or less boomy. Depending on the subwoofer placement and room acoustics, this control is an excellent way to provide a more synchronous effect.

SpeakerCraft provides the entire range of playback products, from speakers to amplifiers to control systems. They blend the sounds you enjoy with the life you live. Beautiful music, important news, the weather, traffic, even talk-radio, in every room of your home. To hear conventional cabinet speakers you must stay in front of them, confined to the room where they are. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to listen to your favorite CDs, records, tapes and radio anywhere living takes you.

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