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Skywalker Signature Series Optical Splitter (1in/2out)

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Description & Features

Item 11906: One Optical Splitter. This device allows you to split a signal from any digital device, such as a CD or DVD player, and connect to any 2 digital devices, such as a receiver or recorder.
  • 1 In / 2 Out Digital Fiber Optical (Toslink) Splitter
  • Toslink jacks
  • Dimensions: 2in x 1in x .75in

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by on March 23, 2013

This splitter has female conections only. If user wants to use it to connect multiple scources to a single receiver input, the end with a single connection should be male. As is, another cord is required to facilitate this splitter as a means to connect two different (ex: DVD player and cable box) sources to a single reciever input.

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