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Skywalker Signature Series™ Coax Cable Rotary Stripper

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Description & Features

Skywalker Signature SeriesCoax Cable Rotary Stripper

The SKY25321 is a simple yet effective tool that is ideal for stripping a variety of common coax cables. RG59, RG6, and even RG58, this Rotary Stripper will get the job done.


Speed Ring

Located on the handle, the speed ring makes it quick and easy to strip the jacket off of the wire. Just put your finger in and spin it around the wire. This allows you to use your time and effort on other jobs!


Removable Blades

Blades get dull, it happens. Fortunately, we thought of that. This wire stripper has removable blades which are quick and easy to replace!


Adjustable Stripping distance

Included with the tool is a hex wrench that can be stored inside of the tool for quick access. It can be used to adjust the stripping distance for the perfect cut. Adjustable stripping distances includes 6mm, 8mm, or 12mm.


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