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Skywalker Signature Series 25dB Amplifier VHF/UHF/FM w/variable gain

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Description & Features

This amplifier features a variable gain control to provide up to 25db of gain in the V/U/Fm band. The unit is powered by 120 volt AC and connections are standard F type. Features on/off light, heavy metal housing, low inerference and noise, and adjustment gain control.
  • Bandwidth: 47-900MHz
  • Maximum Input: VHF: 40dB MV
  • UHF: 20dB MV
  • Gain: VHF: 25dB UHF: 21dB
  • Noise Figure: VHF: 6dB UHF: 8dB
  • Gain Control: 10dB
  • Power Requirements: 117VAC 60Hz

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by denny on March 8, 2011

This inexpensive product did exactly what I wanted., for a great price. Shipped whithin 5 days. Kudos!!!

by denny on March 8, 2011

Worse than worthless. Where I was receiving watchable reception before installation of the amplifier, after installation all I got was static.

by denny on March 8, 2011

This amp did nothing, Save your money. Too bad I'm out $14.32 for shipping both ways. Probably will not buy from here again because of their return policy.

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