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Skywalker Signature Series 2-Receiver Diplexer w/antenna input


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Description & Features

2-Receiver Non-Amplified Diplexer with Antenna Input
Designed to work with a dual LNB systems where off-air is to be delivered with the IF satellite signal.
Allows off-air and dual satellite signals to be fed on two separate cables.
Mixes or diplexes 950-2050MAz and 40-860MHz bands.
DC power pass provided from the IRD to the LNB
  • Port Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency: 40-2050 MHz
  • Insertion Loss UNF/VHF: 14dB
  • I.F.: 2dB
  • Return Loss UHF/VHF: 10dB

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