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Skyline™ Solid 22-Gauge 4-Conductor Security Cable in 500ft Speed Pak™ (Blue)


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Description & Features

Skyline Solid 22-Gauge 4-Conductor Security Cable in 500ft Speed Pak (Blue)

Save yourself time and energy on your security contact installs with this solid copper core security cable. We make it easy on you; simply strip and screw this cable into any size screw terminal rather than twisting wires and jamming them in. The solid core reduces fraying meaning your system won’t fault.

Really Tough boxes
Tougher than a rhino's skin, our Rhino Wrap™ boxes are built to last. Our boxes act as a coat of armor for the wires that they protect. Stop agonizing over boxes that won't last through multiple installs! The Rhino Wrap™ box is made to endure any abuse the world might throw its way.

Speed Pak

Quickly and conveniently dispense your cables with our Speed Pak. Save time on your installations as this box reduces pesky wire tangles.

Unrivaled Clarity

This security cable has a 99.9997% oxygen free copper conductor that ensures signal integrity.

Effortless Install

Our Skyline cable has easily-strippable jackets and sequential distance markings making your install effortless.


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