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Skyline Direct Burial 16 AWG 4-Conductor CL3-Rated Speaker Cable, 500ft (Black)


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Description & Features

Skyline Direct Burial 16 AWG 4-Conductor CL3-Rated Speaker Cable, 500ft(Black)

Don’t settle for less than the best! Our Skyline speaker cables offer the highest quality sound in home theater systems as well as any other everyday application. This line of professional grade cable delivers the widest range of sound frequencies. With the most durable rubber jackets on the market, rest easy knowing that your wires are protected from kinks and cuts.

Always Protected

This Direct Burial cable is specially designed to withstand exposure to heat, moisture, conductivity, and soil acidity. Rest assured knowing that your underground cables are protected as these consist of multiple layers of heavy metallic-banded sheathing, reinforced by heavy rubber covers, and shock absorbing gel.

Dependability in a Box

Our bulk wire boxes stand tall as they have the strength and durability to withstand multiple installs. This brute of a box will handle any harm that comes its way! Made to perform for a lifetime, rest assured knowing your wires are always protected.

Unrivaled Clarity

Our copper cables have a 99.9997% oxygen free copper conductor that ensures signal integrity.

Effortless Install

Our Skyline cable has easily-strippable jackets and sequential distance markings making your install effortless.


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