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Sinclair Audio LCR25II 2-Way Dual 5.25” High Performance


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Description & Features

Sinclair Audio LCR25II 2-Way Dual 5.25” High Performance In-Wall LCR Speaker
Install the stealthy sound of Sinclair Audio’s LCR25II. Designed to be heard and not seen, this 5.25” 2-Way High Performance In-Wall LCR Stereo Speaker features a metal allow tweeter, tone controls, and more. Near invisibility and a stunning performance make the LCR25II the ultimate in custom speakers.

Bezel-less Design
Speakers are meant to be heard and not seen. This unique custom speaker offers great sound in a design that’s as stealthy as can be.

Light and Tight
Woven Fiberglass Hybrid Woofers possess an incredible strength to weight ratio. This keeps them light enough to react quickly and offer a tight response while also delivering explosive, bass-heavy passages free of unwanted distortion.

Metal Alloy Tweeters
Metal Alloy tweeter domes offer wide dispersion to provide an exceptional experience. Low distortion and quick decay time are combined with a tweeter fitted with a Time Domain Equalizer to optimize performance and reduce resonance. A cloth suspension also allows frequencies to extend while ferrofluid in the gaps keeps things cool.

Tone Controls
Speaker placement has an enormous impact on sound quality. To offer custom sound that meets the needs of a wide range of listening preferences, the CW6 is equipped with Tweeter and Woofer tone controls.

Sinclair Audio
Sinclair Audio is Canadian company based in Montreal and produced by Jam Industries Ltd., a 35 year old electronics and musical instrument distributor with sales of over 200 Million dollars a year. Sinclair Audio is found across Canada and is firmly established in key dealers from Quebec to British Columbia. We are one of the fastest growing loudspeaker companies in North America. Their new product development process is undoubtedly the most important characteristic of a Sinclair Audio loudspeaker. Although manufactured in China, every element of their speakers are designed in house and completely unique to the marketplace. Sinclair Audio does not purchase “off the shelf drivers”, every single driver in all of their speakers is unique.

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