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Selecta N1420J 1/4-20 Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Nuts (Jar of 100)


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Description & Features

Selecta N1420J 1/4-20 Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Nuts (Jar of 100)
Fasteners of all kinds are used in a wide variety of job types, and you never know when you’re going to need them. Stock up on the essentials! This jar of Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Nuts includes (100) nuts in a sturdy container that’s fit for the toughest work site.

The 1/4-20 Zinc-Plated Steel Hex Nuts are crafted of zinc-plated steel and are perfect for use with 1/4” bolts. The use of zinc-plating helps to protect the steel against rust and corrosion, ensuring a long life and stability.

Convenient Storage
All fasteners are packed into a convenient, durable square plastic box. The container is easily opened and closed for safe and secure storage, and can be reused for miscellaneous items after it has been emptied. And because the container is crafted of transparent material, it’s easy to see what’s inside to verify the type of fastener or check your stock.

Selecta started in 1976 with its own great brand of products packaged in easy-to-sell bags. Today, one of the greatest benefits Selecta brings is a true partnership as they continue to do business in an ever widening group of products. They only sell to distributors and will never sell directly to the end customer. Selecta has been providing distributors with complementary brand name products for over 30 years and believes that they are only truly successful if their dealers are able to utilize all the great products and services they provide.

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