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Saga In-Wall Sub with Dual 8in Woofers (Passive)


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Description & Features

Saga In-Wall Sub with Dual 8in Woofers (Passive)
The new In-Wall Subwoofer from Saga Elite is our crown jewel. The fusion of smart engineering with top notch components makes this piece a true testament of manufacturing abilities. It delivers peak performance, exceptional accuracy, and a low-end response through two eight inch woofers with woven fiberglass and an oversized voice coil. This system is housed in a 4” deep backbox to ensure low distortion. It is easy to install and is ideal for mid to high-end home theater applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SAG0207 requires the use of an amplifier which is sold separately. We recommend pairing this sub with the SAG0208 Saga Home Amplifier to achieve exceptional sound.

Have your cake and eat it too
When you’re designing the perfect home theater system for your customers, we understand that you need to deliver a killer sound that will raise the roof. However, achieving that killer sound is not the only consideration. You must pay attention to the aesthetics of the room, and more importantly, comply with the almighty WAF (Wife Approval Factor). Our new In-Wall Sub makes it easy to meet both of these challenges! It provides a brilliant sound as well as being eye pleasing and space conscious. Hence, have your cake and eat it too!

The ingredients
To ensure exceptional audio quality, this Sub has been equipped with premium driver components that were specifically designed and fine-tuned for the enclosed 8in speakers. To top it off, the SAG0207 was engineered to pack a serious punch by delivering the truest bass sound. This low-frequency masterpiece is sure to blow you away!

Powered EQ Box
In order to filter and optimize the bass signals, we’ve included this active equalizer box which is intended to be connected between the receiver and the amplifier. See diagram below.

Hitting the competition where it Hertz
Unlike our competitors, our Sub is enriched with an impressive frequency response that goes as low as 25Hz. So, you won’t just hear this Sub…you’ll feel it!

EZ Installation
Just like a typical In-Wall Speaker, this Sub installs with ease using the provided cutout template. Trace the template. Cut out the wall board. Snap the Sub into place with the pre-installed dogleg brackets.

We’re picking up no vibrations ♫♫♫
To separate the subwoofer from the drywall and reduce vibrations that may cause disturbance in the next room, we’ve pre-installed 6 rubber pads to the backside of the sub. We’ve also equipped this sub with 2 additional pads. One is allocated for the front face of the sub and is designed to be placed in the center between the speaker and the grill to prevent the grill from rattling. The other piece is to be used at your discretion and can be applied as needed.

Woofer Dual 8" Woven Fiberglass Sandwich Cone, High Temp 1.5" diameter Voice Coil
Power Handling 430W RMS, 1050W Peak
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency Response (-6dB) 25Hz ~ 200Hz
Sensitivity -2.83V / 1 meter 84
Color White grill / Black enclosure
Connector Type Gold Plated Spring Loaded Binding Posts
Weight 31lbs
Grill Type Slide Lock / Magnet Attached Aluminum Perforated Mesh
Cutout Dimensions 12.2" x 22.2"
Mounting Depth 4"
Finished Dimensions 23.7" H, 13.7" W, 4.13" D (4.25" D with attached grill)
EQ Box Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.68" x 1.46" x 1.81"
EQ Box Adaper Included
Power Supply / Adapter Output 30V dc 100mA ,2.4W.

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