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Royal Racks Sliding Base for 12U,16U,21U, 42U Racks


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Description & Features

Royal Racks Metal Rack Sliding Base for 12, 16, 21, & 42U Racks (Black)

Say hello to the newest member of the Royal Rack family and your new go to piece when you need a custom cabinet solution! Whether you’re installing a rack within a wall or tucked in a cabinet, you’ll find that this piece is exceptionally easy to install and operate. Capable of supporting up to 300lbs, our rack sliding base glides and rotates with ease allowing you to lock it securely in place at 0, 60, and 90 degrees. If you’re looking for that clean custom rack install, pop the casters off the bottom your Royal Rack and incorporate this smooth operator within your next install.



With Royal, our simple installation and time saving features are always a priority. Our sliding base can be installed independently from your actual rack assembly. This allows you to compile your AV components into your rack then simply place it on top of the base and attach for a plug-n-play install. Easy Peasy!


Where’s The Beef?!

Right within our rails…of course! Produced from 50lbs of 16-gauge steel our sliding base is no push over…pun intended. It’s capable of supporting 300lbs while being fully extended and can still twist, turn, and rotate smoothly.


Come On And Do The Twist!

This Royal Rack sliding base functions like a “Lazy-Susan” and offers locking positions at 0, 60, & 90 degrees. This allows you to access the back side of your rack efficiently with little effort.


Finishing Touch

Now that you’ve achieved your mission in establishing a custom installation masterpiece, it’s time to top it off with that little something extra and install both of your cover plates. These plates help secure the rack seating and provide that professional finish every time.


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