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Royal Racks 1U Light Intended for the back side of rack


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Description & Features

ROY1248 Royal 1U Rack Mount Light, black
Let there be light! Professional AV Installers know, that one of the most difficult things you’ll find while installing a rack or servicing equipment within the rack, is the lack of light…Well Royal now has an effective and economical solution! Introducing our ROY1248 Rack Mountable Light! Engineered within a 1u metal housing, this light takes up very little room from your rack space; leaving you plenty of room for dedicated equipment.

Concerned about looks??? Don’t worry; this light actually is designed to install within the rack cavity…from an outside perspective it looks like a black blank panel with a small power switch on it.

For use, simply plug the unit into any 110-120v power outlet.

Protective Casing
To ensure this light stays free from accidents, it’s enclosed with a removable strong black steel frame.

Replacement Bulbs
In case you need to replace this bulb for whatever reason…we offer extremely affordable replacements. Part number for the bulb: ROY1251

    • Black, powder-coated steel
    • (4) standard installation screws
    • 110-120v
    • 6 watt bulbs

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