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Retina Surveillance 8-Channel DVR w/ PC & Mobile Remote Viewing, H.264 Compression (500GB HDD)


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Description & Features

Retina Surveillance 8-Channel DVR w/ PC & Mobile Remote Viewing, H.264 Compression (500GB HDD)
Welcome to the future of professional surveillance technology! Skywalker is proud to offer this 8-channel DVR from Retina that defines tomorrow’s standards in commercial and residential security systems. The RET1091 is a high quality and cost effective DVR that features superior compression technologies, advanced frame rates of up to 30FPS per channel, as well as a built-in, commercial-grade hard drive. That’s just the beginning… This superb piece of equipment also features native live streaming from just about any remote device! In conjunction, it has multi-browser support, user-friendly software, and (2) USB 2.0 drives that allow you to archive all of your video, stamping it as the best choice in security monitoring and surveillance.

Advanced Compression Technology
We’ve united the best of both worlds with this DVR from Retina. It combines advanced H.264 compression technology with high fidelity frame rates of up to 30FPS per channel. In addition, resolutions up to D1 can be recorded or played back on the DVR's first two channels while the remaining channels can max out at CIF resolutions. These fully customizable video quality options provide the most flexibility and workability with all security needs.

Imagine this, Randy, the owner of a retail business needs security monitoring at the front door of his store. He wants high quality video with an archive of only a few days. Conversely, Randy also wants weeks worth of surveillance monitoring with just normal resolution at his home residence. This DVR's recording flexibility makes it the perfect solution for these different applications because of its ability to record in multiple resolutions and frame rates. These options ensure maximum system performance, the highest quality images, and reduced network bandwidth, which is a winning recipe that meets all surveillance needs.

The Retina App ***AVAILABLE NOW!***
We take it upon ourselves to push the limits everyday. Heck, we have no limits! And neither do you when it comes to using your remote device to access your DVR from anywhere on the planet. Our FREE Retina Surveillance Utility app can be used on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Whether you're on the go or on vacation, you'll always have the ability to monitor your estate or business.

Never be in the dark with live-view capabilities. In your choice of full- screen or matrix mode, watch any camera that's connected to your DVR in real-time.

With playback capabilities at up to 16x speed, you can revert back to any time with the simple click of a button. Now you're able to catch thieves red-handed, see who broke your favorite vase, or check to see when the kids came home.

System Setup
Our user-friendly interface lets you make changes to the DVR or camera of your choice with your remote device from anywhere on earth!

Super. Simple. Software.
The Retina Surveillance Utility software is a Windows-based application that is both easy to install and use. Simply insert the software installation disk, and follow the easy step-by-step walkthrough and you're ready to go!

Multi-Browser Support
We know how important it is to have multiple options, which is why our DVR has multi-browser support. Are you on another computer or mobile device that doesn't have the Retina application installed? No problem at all. Just hop on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mac Safari, or Mozilla Firefox and you'll be able to access your DVR.

Dynamic DNS Service ***COMING SOON***
Our free Retina DDNS service allows you to quickly and easily set up your own unique domain name that accesses your DVR from an internet browser. If you're worried about your business's constantly-changing IP address, stop fretting. This service captures your home or business's IP address and automatically syncs it with a central server. So when the IP address changes, your unique domain name always points to your home or business.

All at Once
This DVR is a multi-tasker. No matter where you are, or what you're doing, you can have this DVR set to perform any or all of these system operations.

  1. Live View
  2. Record
  3. Playback
  4. Archive/Backup
  5. Remote Access

Motion Detect & Alarm
If you need to save space on your DVR and don't want to record 24/7, use the motion sensor feature to record only when motion is detected. In addition, the Retina software's alarm trigger alerts you when there is motion detection, video loss, a hard disk error, the hard disk is full, or if the network is disconnected.

Email Alerts
Let's face it, you have work to do. You can't constantly be watching cameras, waiting for something to happen. That's where the DVR's email notification service comes in. Now you can get back to work – so when there's motion detection, or an alarm trigger goes off, you will instantly receive an email notifying you of the event.

Multi-Channel Playback
This DVR has the ability to playback archived video from every camera at the same time in Matrix view. So if you're searching through video clips, you can speed up the process by watching all cameras at once.

Don't Miss a Thing!
We streamline everything to make your job easier. In this case, we streamlined the ability to view multiple DVRs from one place. This makes it simple for you to monitor multiple retail stores, warehouses, or estates from your computer or mobile device. All included in our Retina Surveillance Utility software and mobile app.

Intuitive Search
Need to check last week's video because your property was damaged? Make it easy on yourself by using our search feature that allows you to search according to motion alerts. It's quick, it's simple, and now you can find the perpetrator.

Let the people on the other end know you're listening with our Talkback feature. Available through the Retina software or Internet Explorer, this feature is great for warehouses, safe rooms, gated entrances, separate buildings, or anywhere you'd need to talk to the person on the other end.

Dedicated Recording Triggers
This DVR has the ability to record based on external triggers from security/safety systems or dedicated sensors. This is optimal for those times that you need to save hard drive space while still being able to record any conspicuous activity.

Backup Your Files!
The RET1091 gives you the choice of archiving your video several different ways. In addition to its built-in 500GB hard drive, there are (2) high speed USB 2.0 drives for quickly filing away clips to your computer or a flash drive.

Camera Control w/ RS485
The RS485 controls provide a time and energy saving solution to making adjustments to your cameras. Use these controls for any OSD option such as pan, tilt, and zoom adjustments, all from your DVR location!

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