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Retina Indoor IR Dome Camera, 480TVL (White)


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Description & Features

Retina Indoor IR Dome Camera, 480TVL (White)

Here’s a camera you can’t go wrong with. The RET1061W indoor IR dome camera is a multifaceted camera that offers outstanding video quality, versatility and value. Its IR capabilities and enhanced resolution make it the ideal camera for offices, retail spaces and homes that need an “eye in the sky”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power supplies are not included with cameras. Compatible models can be found here .

Key Features

Features Detailed

On-Screen Display (OSD)

Application-specific settings are an important key to optimum performance. That's why this camera features an on-screen display menu that allows you to modify its settings on the spot. Easily toggle menu settings to better suit the camera to its application.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Often times natural light will unevenly light a room or area. As a result, both bright and dark areas exist, making for an unclear view. The WDR remedies this by providing clarity in the dark part of the image without saturation from the bright part.

Backlight Compensation (BLC)

Just as the name suggests, this feature compensates for any silhouetting that might be created by light in the background.

Highlight Compensation (HLC)

Don't let bright lights ruin critical areas of the image. Highlight Compensation dramatically improves your camera's contrast by blocking intensely bright areas.

Infrared Cutfilter Remover (ICR)

The IR Cutfilter turns on when the camera is operating as a color camera for precise color reproduction. With ICR, the filter is removed which allows for much greater light sensitivity in monochrome mode.

Automatic White Balance

Accurate color reproduction requires that the camera compensates for the light source's color temperature. Automatic White Balance is a feature that does just that. Perfect for compensating for various outdoor and indoor lighting environments, this camera offers white balance functions that can be tailored to provide superior color reproduction.

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