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Retina Gen II Surveillance 16-Channel NVR, 30 fps, 1080p (1TB HDD)


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Description & Features

Retina Gen II Surveillance 16-Channel NVR, 30 fps, 1080p (1TB HDD)

When your network cameras need a central recording hub, the Retina Surveillance NVR (Network Video Recorder) is the ideal solution. Featuring a 1TB preinstalled hard drive as well as support for up to sixteen 4Mbps streams at 1080p, this NVR lets you easily monitor your home or business over a network connection. You can view and control your IP cameras from anywhere. Other remote access features include email alerts and dynamic DNS. Grab it now to ensure your property is safe.


Monitor up to 16 Zones

Monitor up to sixteen areas in and around your home or business including exterior doorways, foyers and hallways, the garage, and more. It has a VGA port and an HDMI port that allows for real-time monitoring. What’s more, the RET2000 records video at up to 30 fps while using H.264 video compression technology for up to 1080p resolution.


4Mbps per Stream!

Your 3MP network cameras are constantly transferring a ton of data. That’s why we made sure this NVR had enough power to handle all of you HD streams. With the ability to record 16 full 4Mbps streams at up to 1080p, you’ll be getting the most out of your IP cameras.


Highly Configurable Recording

This NVR can be programmed to record at scheduled times, or when triggered by motion detection. Recording quality is adjustable, with six selectable settings to choose from. Use higher quality settings for better video clarity and detail, or lower settings for more recording time.


Video Playback

When you’re ready to play back recordings, you can search by time, type, or channel. Videos can be played back at normal speed, fast play, slow play, manual frame-by-frame playback, and reverse play. You can switch to the previous or next file, or any file in the current play list. If there are files from another channel recorded at the same time, you can immediately switch to that file. In addition, all-channel synchronous real-time playback is available.



Let the people on the other end know you're listening with Talkback. Available through the included software or Internet Explorer, this feature is great for warehouses, safe rooms, gated entrances, separate buildings, or anywhere you'd need to talk to the person on the other end.


Remote Viewing

Whether you’re a business owner or simply a caring parent, real-time viewing is vital. But, there’s a problem—you can’t always be there. This NVR lets you watch everything, no matter where you are. With a network connection, you can live monitor on a PC as a web viewer, as part of a CMS (central management system), or on a smartphone app (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone). In addition, you can perform video recording searches remotely, and control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) action on compatible cameras.


Dynamic DNS Service

Dynamic DNS service allows you to quickly and easily set up your own unique domain name that accesses your NVR from an internet browser. If you're worried about your business's constantly- changing IP address, stop fretting. This service captures your home or business's IP address and automatically syncs it with a central server. So when the IP address changes, your unique domain name always points to your home or business.


Motion Detect & Alarm

If you need to save space on your NVR and don't want to record 24/7, use the motion sensor feature to record only when motion is detected. In addition, the included software's alarm trigger alerts you when there is motion detection, video loss, a hard disk error, the hard disk is full, or if the network is disconnected.


Dedicated Recording Triggers

This NVR has the ability to record based on external triggers from security/safety systems or dedicated sensors. This is optimal for those times that you need to save hard drive space while still being able to record any conspicuous activity.


Thousands of Hours of Storage

This unit includes a built-in 1TB HDD (hard disk drive) that gives you thousands of hours of storage. You can even expand the capacity of the NVR by installing an additional SATA HDD (up to 4TB) in the available slot on the front panel. There is also an eSATA input for adding an external SATA HDD of up to 8TB. Up to two SATA HDDs can be used with the RET2000.



There’s plenty of important footage that you simply can’t lose. The RET2000’s provided USB ports allow you to backup your HDD to ensure that your recordings aren’t lost. You can use a flash drive, portable HDD, or a disk burner. You can even perform backup to the cloud via network download for off-site storage.


Camera Control w/ RS485

The RS485 controls provide a time and energy saving solution to making adjustments to your cameras. Use these controls for any OSD option such as pan, tilt, and zoom adjustments, all from your NVR location!


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