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Retina AHD Surveillance 8-Channel DVR w/ H.264 Technology, All-Channel 1080p & P2P (1TB HDD | HDMI & VGA)


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Description & Features

Retina AHD Surveillance 8-Channel DVR w/ H.264 Technology, All-Channel 1080p & P2P (1TB HDD | HDMI & VGA)
AHD recorders enable true 1080P HD video, audio, and control signals via a standard coaxial cable, delivering reliable long-distance HD transmission at a much lower cost. The RET4508 DVR uses an advanced video transmission technology known as AHD which provides extremely low signal distortion, much better video resolution, longer transmission distances and better anti-interference capability, and avoids the cross talk of CVBS while separating the brightness and hue signal, further enhancing video quality. To top it all off, this Retina DVR features mobile monitoring via Peer to Peer!

Easy Upgrade for Previously Installed CCTV Systems
This DVR makes it easy to replace existing conventional analog security cameras and recorders because you won’t have to swap out any existing coax cables or low voltage power runs. As long as 12VDC is available at the camera end, you can just swap the cameras and the recorder and have a brand new HD security system.

More than AHD
Not only does this Retina DVR handle AHD input, it also supports traditional analog video. Additionally, the AHD and analog input are both self-adaptive. Such compatibility is ideal for many surveillance needs – especially retrofit applications.

1080P Resolution
This DVR features simultaneous HDMI and VGA output, with up to 1080P resolution! The 4/8 channel synchronous playback (with 4/1 audio in/out and 4/1 alarm in/out) ensures you can keep an eye on everything you need to.

Peer to Peer Mobile Viewing
P2P (Peer to Peer) is a feature new to Retina AHD Surveillance DVR’s, one that allows for remote viewing on the web via a convenient smart phone app (for iPhone or Android) without the need to configure the router. This makes it all too easy to keep an eye on security on the go – with no networking necessary!

Thousands of Hours of Storage
This unit includes a built-in 1TB HDD (hard disk drive) that gives you thousands of hours of storage. You can even expand the capacity of the DVR by installing an additional SATA HDD (up to 4TB) in the available slot. Up to two SATA HDDs can be used with the RET4508. What’s more, the provided USB ports allow you to backup your HDD to ensure that your recordings aren’t lost. You can use a flash drive, portable HDD, or a disk burner.

Let the people on the other end know you're listening with Talkback. Available through the included software or Internet Explorer, this feature is great for warehouses, safe rooms, gated entrances, separate buildings, or anywhere you'd need to talk to the person on the other end.

Remote Viewing
Whether you’re a business owner or simply a caring parent, real-time viewing is vital. But, there’s a problem—you can’t always be there. This DVR lets you watch everything, no matter where you are. With a network connection, you can live monitor on a PC as a web viewer, or as part of a CMS (central management system. In addition, you can perform video recording searches remotely, and control the pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) action on compatible cameras.

ONVIF Version 2.4
ONVIF are specifications set forth with the objective of creating a global standard for the security industry. This DVR supports the ONVIR Version 2.4 framework by which like devices and software can communicate and integrate seamlessly with each other, making it much simpler to pair surveillance devices with this unit.

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