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Platinum Tools T129K1 VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit


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Description & Features

Platinum Tools T129K1 VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit
The VDV MapMaster 2.0 combines continuity testing, mapping, tone generation, AND length measurement functions into a single unit that is capable of identifying and mapping (19) locations at one time. Whether your jobs are commercial or residential, the versatility and added features of the VDV MapMaster 2.0 makes it an installer’s best friend!

Now Measure Length!
The MapMaster 2.0 can measure the entire length of a cable and/or individual wire pairs – one of the main upgrades to the already handy features of the original MapMaster. Length reading is displayed in either feet or meters.

Compatible Usage
The MapMaster 2.0 tests CAT-6, Cat-5e, Cat-5, Cat-4, Cat-3, and Coax cables (unshielded and shielded). Map up to (19) unique locations with included ID Remotes – the master remote (for voice and data) is stored in the bottom of the case. Patch cables may be tested without removing the master remote from storage.

Same Great Results
The MapMaster 2.0 is still your go-to for testing voice (6 wire), data (8 wire), and video (coax). Results are displayed on an easy to read, extra large 7-segment LCD screen with large icons. It tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires, and split pairs. You can tone with four selectable cadences on single specific wires, pairs, or all wires simultaneously.

Power Saver
This tester is also equipped with low power consumption and an auto power-off mode to lengthen battery life. A low battery icon indicator flashes when battery is low and readings could be inaccurate due to the tester’s low power.

Even More Features
Just some of the extra features on the MapMaster 2.0: a voltage detection warning icon (that is turned on if voltage is detected on any of the tester connectors); a continuous "LOOP ON" mode for trouble-shooting intermittent problems. Required 9V battery is included.

Heavy Duty Case
All components of the Test Kit are contained in a heavy duty, double-walled, blow-molded plastic case that is easy to open, stays tightly shut when closed, and even has an opening in the handle to allow for a small padlock. This tough case can withstand all the duress of installations and will effectively shield its contents. The case is lined with a custom cut out high density EVA foam, to keep everything in its place. The foam insert has indented cavities to easily remove tools from their compartments, and is removable from the case itself if needed.

Complete Kit
Also included with the MapMaster 2.0 and hard shell storage case and insert foam: (1) RJ45 #’s 1-12 Remote Set, (1) Coax F #’s 1-8 Remote Set, (1) NO-Fault Cable, (1) RJ45 to Alligator Clips Cable, (1) RJ45 Port Saver, F Female to F Female Adapters (set of 2), (1) BNC Female to F Female Adapter, (1) BNC Female to F Male Adapter, (1) 9V Battery, and Instruction Manual.

Platinum Tools
Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon two very simple objectives. First, develop and source the absolute best possible solutions for the preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable. Second, implement an operational infrastructure that can deliver these products in an efficient, timely, and high quality manner. All of Platinum Tools products absolutely must satisfy three critical benchmark criteria: utility of function, quality of function, and economic value.

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