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Platinum Tools Shielded EZ-RJ45, Qty 100


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Description & Features

Platinum Tools Shielded EZ-RJ45
This connector is designed to work on both Cat5e and Cat6 cables, solid or stranded. The EZ-RJ45 fully shielded plug, with an internal ground, combines the performance advantage exclusive to the EZ-RJ45 design with the performance advantage inherent to shielded products to provide an unparalleled solution for the market. After using this jack, you'll never go back!

Superior Design
EZ-RJ45 design allows the wires to pass through the connector so the twists in each pair can be pulled closer to the contacts than conventional plugs. This significantly improves Shannon capacity for a stronger connection. With a small opening on the front of the connector, you are able to pull you color coded wires through the connector making sure you have the right color sequence. This will save you time by reducing the chance of error.

Designed for Cat5e and Cat6
The connector is compatible with Cat5e and Cat6 shielded cable because the shield is built on the EZ Cat6 platform.

Internally Grounded
Grounding internally gives you a clean and durable connection. Being able to ground the wire inside of the connector is a major advantage by looking more professional and it won't be interfered with like outside grounded cable, which wraps around the wire and is vulnerable to outside elements and hazards.

Fully Shielded
In applications where NEXT, FEXT and AXT are an issue, using shielded products can be the solution. Fully shielded products provide reduced pair-to-pair crosstalk, alien crosstalk, and considerably improved immunity to noise at all frequencies. This means that if the cable is close to florescent lighting, you won’t experience any interference.

EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool.
The HD Crimp Tool is our recommended tool for EZ-RJ45 connectors. Designed for the professional installer that demands consistent, reliable and repeatable terminations, every time.

*Tech Tip
Remember, maintaining the twists to the point of termination significantly decreases crosstalk and markedly increases performance.

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