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Platinum Tools JH64AC-25 Multi-Purpose J-Hook w/ 90° Angled Clip, 4” (Sold as each)


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Description & Features

Platinum Tools JH64AC-25 Multi-Purpose J-Hook w/ 90° Angled Clip, 4” (Sold as each)

It’s imperative that your commercial cable installs have a distribution pathway that allows for stress free cable support. Platinum Tools’ line of J-Hooks provide just that. With their enhanced J-Hook design and smooth, beveled edges, they ensure that your large cable runs have reduced friction, less vertical cable compaction, and a larger bending radius. Platinum Tools J-Hooks offer top-of-the-line accommodation for current and future high-performance cabling upgrades, eliminating the need to replace infrastructures when more cable is added.


These are the perfect solution for heavy duty hanging applications. They’re most popularly used above suspended ceilings and below raised floors. You can even use them for the garage and shop too!

Galvanized Steel

Featuring a galvanized finish, these J-Hooks provide smoother cable pull and greater corrosion resistance. That translates to a lower risk of damage and longer cable life.

Quick & Easy Install

1) Attach the appropriate J-Hook fastener -- whether for wall, stud, beam, flange or drop-wire mounting -- to the supporting structure. Space fasteners will ideally fall every 4 to 5 feet.

2) Lay the cable in the “J” of the fasteners. Make sure that the cable sag between fasteners is no more than 12 inches at midspan. (Actual cable sag will depend on the number of cables in each bundle and the weight of the cable.) If the sag is greater than 12 inches, add additional fasteners.

3) If the J-Hook can accommodate a cable tie, use the pre-punched holes in the fastener to install the tie. This prevents the cable from lifting. Be sure that the cable tie does not put pressure on the cables because this can cause distortion of the cable geometry.

4) Check your installation. The overall appearance of installed the cables should be neat!


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